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Project Description

The xOWL Infrastructure brings the Model-Driven Engineering principles to domain experts by enabling them to build, execute and test models through visual notations specific to their domain. Experts from different domains can interact with the same model through different visual notations.

The xOWL Infrastructure relies on a common modeling language: xOWL, an extension of the W3C Web Ontology Language (OWL2).
The xOWL language enables the representation of behaviors (as imperative algorithms) and rules within ontologies. In this way, models built by domain experts can be executed and the result presented with domain-specific notations.

This project is developed in Java with some bits in C#. Java 7 is required for domain experts to run their domain-specific modeling environment. The .Net framework 2.0 is required for software engineers to build these environments.


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All software components and source codes provided by this project are available without any warranty under terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3.
Source codes and ontologies of this project are copyrighted by the European Aeronautics Defense and Space Company, France. Registration of copyright at the IDDN under number: IDDN.FR.001.040016.000.S.P.2012.000.10600

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