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How to Build the Sources

The project sources are organized as follow:
  • builders: batch files for building the solution from the command line on Windows
  • syntaxes: syntax highlighting profiles for the textual languages provided by the xOWL Infrastructure
  • XOWLBenchmark: NetBeans 7 Java project
  • XOWLCodeGenerator: NetBeans 7 Java project
  • XOWLGMICompiler: Visual Studio 2010 Solution with 2 C# projects
  • XOWLGMIEnvironment: NetBeans 7 Java project
  • XOWLInterpreter: NetBeans 7 Java project


  • The XOWLGMIEnvironment project need the Java 7 JDK, all the other Java projects only require the Java 6 JDK.
  • The C# projects in the XOWLGMICompiler solution need the .Net framework 2.0.

Build with NetBeans

Using NetBeans (version 7 or more), you can build the xOWL Graphical Modeling Environment in a simple manner.
  • Open the XOWLGMIEnvironment and XOWLInterpreter with NetBeans
  • Build and Run
Only the XOWLGMIEnvironment need Java 7. If you wish to later include the XOWLInterpreter in your own project we would recommend building it with Java 6 so that it may run on platforms where the version 7 is not installed.

Build with Visual Studio

Using Visual Studio 2010 (C# Express edition is sufficient), you can build the XOWLGMICompiler. Simply open the solution (.sln) with Visual Studio and build. The .Net framework 2.0 should be the build target.

Build with the command line (Windows)

Using only the command line you will still need to have Ant for building the Java projects and the .Net framework 2.0 for the XOWLGMICompiler.

The main build file is builders/release.bat. You may have to modify it in order to point the set the ANTPATH variable pointing to your Ant bin folder. You may as well modify the MSBUILDVER variable to use a later version, although 2.0 is sufficient. Be aware that the path to the MSBuild tool can be configured in the builders/compile-comp.bat file, should your installation of .Net be non-standard.

To build and stage a distribution of the XOWL Environment, run builders/release.bat with two parameters:
  • The directory of the solution (the directory containing XOWLGMIEnvironment, XOWLInterpreter, etc.)
  • The directory where the release should be staged. If it does not exist, it will be ceated.
Example: release C:\MyProjects\xOWL C:\MyProjects\Release1

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